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N Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications, IEICE


Nonlinear Theory in Science and Engineering
 N010101 Bifurcation Theory
 N010102 Chaos Theory
 N010103 Fractal Theory
 N010104 Fuzzy and Nonlinearity
 N010105 Game Theory and Nonlinearity
 N010106 Integrable Systems
 N010107 Neural Networks and Nonlinearity
 N010108 Nonlinear Acoustics
 N010109 Nonlinear Algorithms
 N010110 Nonlinear Circuits
 N010111 Nonlinear Control
 N010112 Nonlinear Devices
 N010113 Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory
 N010114 Nonlinear Image Processing
 N010115 Nonlinear Information Processing
 N010116 Nonlinear Lattices
 N010117 Nonlinear Networks
 N010118 Nonlinear Optics
 N010119 Nonlinear Optimal Control
 N010120 Nonlinear Optimization
 N010121 Nonlinear Oscillation
 N010122 Nonlinear Signal Processing
 N010123 Nonlinear Stochastic Process
 N010124 Nonlinear Systems
 N010125 Nonlinear Time Series Analysis
 N010126 Nonlinear Variational Problems
 N010127 Nonlinear Waves (including ILM, Breather)
 N010128 Nonlinearity in Electromagnetic Theory
 N010129 Nonlinearity in Learning and Memory
 N010130 Nonlinearity in Nano Technology
 N010131 Soliton Theory


Nonlinear Phenomena in Science and Engineering
 N010201 Bifurcation Phenomena
 N010202 Chaotic Phenomena
 N010203 Complex Networks and Nonlinearity
 N010204 Complex Systems and Nonlinearity
 N010205 Immunity and Nonlinearity
 N010206 Neuro Dynamics and Nonlinearity
 N010207 Noise and Nonlinearity
 N010208 Nonlinear Phenomena (General)
 N010209 Randomness and Nonlinearity
 N010210 Quantum Chaos
 N010211 Semi-classical Chaos
 N010212 Soliton Phenomena
 N010213 Synchronization and Nonlinearity


Mathematical and Numerical Methods
 N010301 Analysis of Bifurcation in Science and Engineering
 N010302 Analysis of Chaos
 N010303 Analysis of Nonlinear Phenomena
 N010304 Computational Topology for Analyzing Nonlinear Dynamics
 N010305 Computer Algebraic Methods for Nonlinear Systems
 N010306 Computer Assisted Proofs for Nonlinear Equations
 N010307 Engineering Topics in Nonlinear Differential (-Difference) Equations
 N010308 Errors in Numerical Computations
 N010309 Gaming Simulations and Nonlinearity
 N010310 Nonlinear Equations in Science and Engineering
 N010311 Nonlinear Functional Equations in Science and Engineering
 N010312 Numerical Analysis and Nonlinearity
 N010313 Numerical Methods and Nonlinearity
 N010314 Numerical Simulations of Nonlinear Phenomena
 N010315 Numerical Simulations around Chaotic Models
 N010316 Numerical Computations with Result Verification
 N010317 Self-validating Numerics
 N010318 Topological Methods for Dynamical Systems (Conley Index Theory)


 N010401 Biomimetics and Nonlinearity
 N010402 Brain Science and Nonlinearity
 N010403 Gene Science (Modeling, Designing and Constructing Synthetic Gene Networks) and Non-linearity
 N010404 Mathematical Biology and Nonlinearity
 N010405 Nonlinearity in Bio-cybernetics
 N010406 Nonlinearity in Biological Science
 N010407 Nonlinearity in Classical Mechanics
 N010408 Nonlinearity in Economics
 N010409 Nonlinearity in Fluid Dynamics
 N010410 Nonlinearity in Mechanics
 N010411 Nonlinearity in Medical Science
 N010412 Nonlinearity in Social Science
 N010413 Turbulence and Nonlinearity


Applications in Science and Engineering
 N010501 Applications of Chaos
 N010502 Applications of Nonlinear Circuits and Systems
 N010503 Applications of Soliton
 N010504 Communications and Nonlinearity
 N010505 Communications using Chaos
 N010506 Control of Chaos
 N010507 Errors in Signal Processing
 N010508 Nonlinear Engineering
 N010509 Random Numbers and Chaos
 N010510 Sensor Network and Nonlinearity