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D Information and Systems


Fundamentals of Information Systems
 D140101 Turing Machines
 D140102 Lambda Calculus
 D140103 Term Rewriting Systems
 D140104 Parallel and Distributed Computing
 D140105 Quantum Computing
 D140106 Molecular Computing
 D140107 Mathematical Logic
 D140108 Multi-value Logic
 D140109 Fuzzy Logic
 D140110 Automata
 D140111 Formal Languages
 D140112 Tree Automata and Graph Grammars
 D140113 Cellular Automata
 D140114 Data Structure
 D140115 Optimizing Algorithms
 D140116 Graph Algorithms
 D140117 Algebraic and Number Theoretic Algorithms
 D140118 Computational Geometry
 D140119 Computational Learning Theory
 D140120 Structural Complexity
 D140121 Circuit Complexity
 D140122 Communication Complexity


Computer System
 D140201 Logic Devices
 D140202 Memory Devices
 D140203 Logic Circuits
 D140204 Logic Design
 D140205 Layouts
 D140206 Electric Circuits
 D140207 Implementations
 D140208 Microprocessor Architecture
 D140209 Application-Specific Processor Architecture
 D140210 Wafer Scale Integration
 D140211 Multiprocessor-on-a-Chip
 D140212 System-on-a-Chip
 D140213 New Concept VLSIs
 D140214 Reconfigurable LSIs
 D140215 FPGAs
 D140216 Memory Devices
 D140217 Input/Output Devices
 D140218 Terminal Devices
 D140219 Computer Architecture
 D140220 Parallel and Distributed Architecture
 D140221 Cluster Computing
 D140222 Reconfigurable Computing
 D140223 Grid and Global Computing
 D140224 Information Appliance


Software System
 D140301 Programming Languages
 D140302 Information Semantic Theory
 D140303 Language Processing Systems, Compiler, and Optimization
 D140304 Program Composition and Transformation
 D140305 Program Analysis and Understanding
 D140306 Verification
 D140307 Formal Specification Description
 D140308 Instruction and Procedural Models
 D140309 Functional Models
 D140310 Logic Models
 D140311 Object Oriented Models
 D140312 Operating Systems
 D140313 Middleware
 D140314 Embedded Software and Real-time Systems


Software Engineering
 D140401 Requirement Acquisition and Analysis
 D140402 Design Methodology
 D140403 Software Testing and Debug
 D140404 Software Maintenance
 D140405 Software Process
 D140406 Human Factors of Software Development
 D140407 Development Environment and Support Tools
 D140408 Software Quality Management, Quantities Evaluation, Metrics
 D140409 Project Management
 D140410 Product and Document Management and Reuse


Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
 D140501 Data Models and Design Theory
 D140502 File Structure and Storage Technology
 D140503 Query Languages and Query Processing
 D140504 Transaction Processing
 D140505 Parallel and Distributed Databases
 D140506 Multimedia Databases
 D140507 Object-Oriented Databases
 D140508 Deductive Databases
 D140509 Spatial Databases
 D140510 Mobile Databases
 D140511 Data Warehouse and OLAP
 D140512 Document Databases and Web Databases
 D140513 Information Retrieval
 D140514 Information Retrieval Systems Engine
 D140515 Information Filtering
 D140516 Digital Library
 D140517 Meta data and Semantic Web
 D140518 Information Delivery, Data Broadcast
 D140519 Structural Documents, XML
 D140520 Web Information Systems, Web Services
 D140521 Contents Management Techniques
 D140522 Copyrights, Access Privileges Management, and Security
 D140523 Network Community


Information Network
 D140601 Network Architecture
 D140602 Service Network
 D140603 Protocols
 D140604 Data Communication Devices
 D140605 Ubiquitous and Mobile Computing
 D140606 Ad-hoc Networks
 D140607 Internet
 D140608 Broadband Networks
 D140609 QoS and Quality Management
 D140610 Overlay Networks
 D140611 VoIP, VPN, and CDN
 D140612 Cryptographic Techniques
 D140613 Electronic Signatures
 D140614 Authentication
 D140615 Authorization
 D140616 Digital Watermarking
 D140617 Electronic Commerce
 D140618 Network Security
 D140619 Access Control
 D140620 Security Management
 D140621 Countermeasure for DoS Attacks
 D140622 Distributed and Cooperative Problem Solving
 D140623 Distributed and Cooperative Protocols
 D140624 Intelligent Agents
 D140625 Software Agents
 D140626 Interface Agents
 D140627 Multi-Agent Systems
 D140628 Mobile Agent


Dependable Computing
 D140701 Fault Tolerance
 D140702 Redundant Design
 D140703 Design Verification
 D140704 Test, Diagnosis, and Verification for VLSIs
 D140705 Test and Verification for Software
 D140706 Dependability of Networks
 D140707 Parallel, Distributed, and Cooperative Systems
 D140708 Real-Time Systems
 D140709 Metrics, Models, and Evaluation for Dependability
 D140710 Reliability and Security of Computer Systems
 D140711 Maintenance and Diagnosis of Computer Systems


Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
 D140801 Knowledge Representation, Reasoning, and Ontology
 D140802 Knowledge Base
 D140803 Sharing and Reuse of Knowledge
 D140804 Expert Systems
 D140805 Knowledge Acquisition
 D140806 Deductive, Hypothetical, and Inductive Reasoning
 D140807 Intelligent Interfaces
 D140808 Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Life
 D140809 Complex Systems
 D140810 Intelligent Robots
 D140811 Text Mining
 D140812 Web Mining
 D140813 Data Mining for Phonetics and Images
 D140814 Data Mining for Biotechnology and Medical Technology
 D140815 Clustering
 D140816 Knowledge Discovery
 D140817 Machine Learning


Human-computer Interaction
 D140901 Human Communication Science and Support
 D140902 Human Information Processing and Multimedia
 D140903 CSCW and Groupware
 D140904 Interaction Support
 D140905 Creation, Consideration, and Conception Support
 D140906 Human and Multimodal Interface
 D140907 Biological Information Processing Application Systems
 D140908 Cognitive Information Processing Application Systems
 D140909 Emotional and Ambiguous Information Processing Application Systems
 D140910 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
 D140911 Wearable Computing


Office Information Systems, e-Business Modeling
 D141001 Office Architecture Models
 D141002 SOHO and Telework Systems
 D141003 Business Intelligence
 D141004 Business Process Engineering
 D141005 Business Support
 D141006 Management Information Systems
 D141007 Management Decision Making Supportive Systems
 D141008 Inter-Enterprise Application Integration
 D141009 Social Information Systems
 D141010 Human Behavioral Science
 D141011 Office Environment and Design
 D141012 Enterprise Model
 D141013 NPO Models and E-Government
 D141014 Community Models
 D141015 Value Planning Models
 D141016 Enterprise Strategy and Competitive Force Models
 D141017 Financial Engineering
 D141018 Construction of Enterprise Models and Business Process
 D141019 Model Evaluation Techniques
 D141020 Knowledge Sharing and Management Techniques
 D141021 System Construction Techniques
 D141022 Education, Human Resource Development, and Authentication


Educational Technology
 D141101 Education and Learning Supportive Systems
 D141102 CAI, CMI, Intelligent CAI, ITS, ILE
 D141103 CSCW/L, Distributed Cooperative Learning
 D141104 Educational Support for Handicapped Children and People
 D141105 Educational Measure and Evaluation, Educational Information Processing Techniques
 D141106 Educational Application for Biological Information
 D141107 Learning Technology and Cognitive Science
 D141108 Instructional Design and Enterprise Education
 D141109 Information Education, Engineering Education, Higher Education and FD
 D141110 e-Learning
 D141111 Knowledge Management
 D141112 Contents Developing Techniques and Developing Methodology for Educational Materials


Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology
 D141201 Interfaces for Children and Persons with Disabilities
 D141202 Universal Design
 D141203 Wellness
 D141204 Barrier Free
 D141205 Rehabilitation
 D141206 Assistive Technology Devices for Persons with Visual Impairments
 D141207 Assistive Technology Devices for Persons with Speech and Hearing Disabilities
 D141208 Assistive Technology Devices for Persons with Physical Disabilities
 D141209 Application Systems of Visual Physiology and Psychology
 D141210 Application Systems of Auditory Physiology and Psychology
 D141211 Application Systems of Tactile Physiology and Psychology
 D141212 Application Systems of Motor Physiology and Psychology


Pattern Recognition
 D240101 Feature Extraction, Feature Selection
 D240102 Pattern Discrimination and Classification
 D240103 Learning on Pattern Recognition
 D240104 Pattern Generation


Speech and Hearing
 D240201 Speech Production
 D240202 Speech/Sound Equipment and Noise Perception
 D240203 Prosody
 D240204 Speech Signal Processing
 D240205 Speech Analysis
 D240206 Audio Coding, Audio Signal Coding
 D240207 Speech Enhancement, Restoration and Separation
 D240208 Speech Synthesis
 D240209 Aids for Speech/Hearing/Language Impairments
 D240210 Competitive Evaluation Task and Public Dataset
 D240211 Computer-Assisted Language/Foreign Language Learning
 D240212 Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding
 D240213 Spoken Dialogue, Speech-to-Speech Translation
 D240214 Speech Retrieval and Speech Summarization
 D240215 Speaker Recognition and Language Identification
 D240216 Multimodal Interface
 D240217 Auditory Physiology and Psychology


Image Processing and Video Processing
 D240301 Image Processing Hardware and Video Processing Hardware
 D240302 Image Restoration
 D240303 Image Emphasis
 D240304 Image Coding and Video Coding
 D240305 Image Streaming
 D240306 Image Retrieval and Video Retrieval
 D240307 Image and Video Management, Image and Video Protection
 D240308 Image and Video Handling


Image Recognition, Computer Vision
 D240401 Object Detection and Tracking
 D240402 Image Discrimination and Classification
 D240403 Human Image Processing
 D240404 Character Recognition (Optical Character Recognition, On-Line Character Recognition and In-scene Character Recognition)
 D240405 3D Image Processing
 D240406 Photometric Analysis, Illumination and Reflectance Analysis


Computer Graphics
 D240501 Modeling
 D240502 Rendering
 D240503 Visualization
 D240504 Computer Graphics Hardware
 D240505 Computer Graphics Interface
 D240506 Animation
 D240507 Texturing
 D240508 Image Synthesis, Special Effects


Multimedia Pattern Processing
 D240601 Multimodal, Media Integration
 D240602 Artificial Reality, Virtual Reality
 D240603 Augmented Reality, Augmented Virtuality, Mixed Reality
 D240604 Human Interface


Natural Language Processing
 D240701 Morphological Analysis
 D240702 Syntactic analysis, Parsing
 D240703 Semantic analysis
 D240704 Natural Language Generation
 D240705 Natural Language Understanding
 D240706 Context Processing
 D240707 Langueage Processing Applications
 D240708 Linguistic knowledge acquisition
 D240709 Linguistic analysis
 D240710 Paraphrasing
 D240711 Document Processing
 D240712 Machine Translation
 D240713 Information Retrieval
 D240714 Text summarization
 D240715 Dialogue System
 D240716 Natural Language Interface


Biocybernetics, Neurocomputing
 D240801 Modeling of the Sensory and Perceptual Systems
 D240802 Modeling of the Motor and Control Systems
 D240803 Modeling of Learning and Memory Systems
 D240804 Modeling of Higher-Order Brain Functions
 D240805 Model Analysis in Visual and Auditory Psychology
 D240806 Memory, Learning, Self-Organization
 D240807 Higher Level Information Processing
 D240808 Cognitive Science
 D240809 Computational Neuroscience
 D240810 Genetic Algorithm
 D240811 Artificial Life
 D240812 Modeling of Neural Networks
 D240813 Architecture of Neural Networks
 D240814 Computation of Neural Networks
 D240815 Hardware Implementation of Neural Networks
 D240816 Dynamics of Neural Networks
 D240817 Future Extraction and Recognition using Neural Networks
 D240818 Recognition/Prediction/Control using Neural Networks and Applications of Neural Networks
 D240819 Hybrid System


Biological Engineering
 D240901 Biological Measurement and Sensor
 D240902 Biological Signal Processing
 D240903 Biological Modeling
 D240904 Biomedical Imaging, Medical Image Processing
 D240905 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Systems
 D240906 Medical Information Systems
 D240907 Rehabilitation Engineering, Welfare Engineering
 D240908 Brain, Neural Systems, Sensory Systems
 D240909 Respiratory Systems, Circulatory System
 D240910 Motor Systems, Biomechanics


Music Information Processing
 D241001 Music system(s) on Composition/Arrangement/Performance/Accompaniment
 D241002 Electronic Musical Instruments
 D241003 Interaction in Music
 D241004 Musical Signal Processing
 D241005 Artificial Intelligence and Music
 D241006 Cognition of Music and Music Kansei Information Processing
 D241007 Musical Database and Circulation of Musical Information
 D241008 Applications to Musicology


Kansei Information Processing, Affective Information Processing
 D241101 Kansei Principle, Affective Principle
 D241102 Instrumentation and Evaluation of Kansei Material, Instrumentation and Evaluation of Comfortable Material
 D241103 Instrumentation and Evaluation of Kansei, Instrumentation and Evaluation of Affective Senses
 D241104 Kansei Sociology, Affective Sociology
 D241105 Kansei Design, Affective Design
 D241106 Kansei Database, Affective Database