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C Electronics

*In all the listed subjects, military technology shall not be included.


Electromagnetic Theory
 C020101 Fundamental Theory of Electromagnetic Fields
 C020104 Mathematical Analysis Theory and Applications
 C020105 Numerical Techniques, Computational Electromagnetics
 C020106 Quantum Electrodynamics
 C020107 Electromagnetic Compatibility
 C020108 Electromagnetics in Biology
 C020109 Electromagnetics in Information Processing
 C020110 Coupling and Excitation of Waves
 C020111 Nonlinear Problems
 C020112 Radiation and Propagation
 C020113 Scattering and Diffraction
 C020114 Antenna Theory
 C020115 Periodic Structures
 C020116 Random Media and Rough Surfaces
 C020117 Artificial and nonlinear materials
 C020118 Analyses in Time-Domain
 C020119 High-Frequency Asymptotic Methods
 C020120 Inverse Problems
 C020121 Waveguides


Lasers, Quantum Electronics
 C020201 Quantum Optics, Fundamentals of Quantum Electronics
 C020202 Optical Materials/ Optical Properties
 C020203 Laser Spectroscopy
 C020204 Semiconductor Lasers, Light Emitting Diodes
 C020205 Gaseous, Solid-State, and Other Lasers
 C020206 Optical Modulation
 C020207 Optical Amplification
 C020208 Photodetection
 C020209 Nonlinear Optics
 C020210 Control of Lightwave and Lasers
 C020211 Microwave Photonics
 C020212 Ultra-Fast Phenomena, Ultra-Short Pulse Technologies, Optical Solitons
 C020213 Optical Switching, Bistability
 C020214 Laser Machining, Processing
 C020215 Crystal Growth, Material Processing and Characterization


 C020301 Optical Waveguide Technology
 C020302 Optical Fibers
 C020303 Optical Circuits
 C020304 Microoptics
 C020305 Optical Metrology
 C020306 Optical Sensors
 C020307 Optical Recording (or Optical Memory, Optical Storage)
 C020308 Optical Signal Processing
 C020309 Optical Interconnection
 C020310 Optical Systems
 C020311 Photonic Crystal
 C020312 Nanophotonics
 C020313 Biophotonics
 C020314 Medical Photonics


Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
 C020401 Passive Circuits/ Components
 C020402 Active Circuits/ Devices/ Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits
 C020403 Systems/ Equipments
 C020404 Sensor Technologies
 C020405 Power Applications
 C020406 Field Analysis
 C020407 Circuit Syntheses
 C020408 Computer-Aided Design/ Simulation Tequniques
 C020409 Measurement Techniques
 C020410 Microwave Waveguide Technologies
 C020411 Microwave/ Millimeter-Wave Materials
 C020412 Microwave Acoustic Wave Devices
 C020413 Microwave Superconductors
 C020414 Microwaves/ Optical Transformation
 C020415 Applications of Micro-Machining Technologies
 C020416 Nonlinear Circuits/ Components
 C020417 Circuit Assembly and Packaging Technologies


Ultrasonic Electronics
 C020501 Ultrasonic Materials
 C020502 Ultrasonic Devices, Piezoelectric Devices
 C020503 Surface Acoustic Wave Devices (SAW Filter)
 C020504 Ultrasonic Generator, Detector (Ultrasonic Transducer)
 C020505 High Power Ultrasonic
 C020506 Ultrasonic Applications
 C020507 Piezoelectric sensors/actuators
 C020508 Piezoelectric crystal oscillator, Precision oscillator
 C020509 Frequency/time control, Measurement technologies
 C020510 Medical ultrasonic equipments


Electronic Circuits
 C020601 Analog Circuits
 C020602 Digital Circuits
 C020603 Mixed-Signal Circuits
 C020604 Communication Circuits
 C020605 Signal Processor
 C020606 Power Conversion Circuits
 C020607 Low Noise Circuits, Noise Tolerant Circuits
 C020608 A-D/ D-A Converters
 C020609 Interface Circuits
 C020610 Oscillators/ Amplifiers
 C020611 Sensors
 C020612 Converters
 C020613 Nonlinear Circuits
 C020614 Power Supply Circuits, Power Supply Units
 C020615 Filter
 C020616 Switched Capacitor Circuits
 C020617 Switched Current Circuits
 C020618 Modulator-Demodulator (Modem) Circuits


Electronic Materials
 C020701 Organic Materials
 C020702 Inorganic Mterials
 C020703 Magnetic Materials
 C020704 Dielectric Materials
 C020705 Piezoelectric Materials
 C020706 Conductive Materials
 C020707 Insulating Materials
 C020708 Functional Materials
 C020709 Materials for Display and Memory Devices
 C020710 Materials for Ultrasonic Devices
 C020711 Sensor Matrials
 C020712 Materals for Applied Optics
 C020713 Materials for Packaging Technology
 C020714 Materials for Microwave and Millimetric Wave Technology
 C020715 Crystal Growth Technology of Materials except Semiconductor
 C020716 Thin Film and Thick Film Materials and Their Technology
 C020717 Material Evaluation Techniques


Organic Molecular Electronics
 C020801 Organic Conducting and Superconducting Materials
 C020802 Organc Semiconductor Materials
 C020803 Organic Insulating Materials
 C020804 Functional Organic Materials
 C020805 Molecular Design and Deposition Methods
 C020806 Fabrication and Evaluation Technologies
 C020807 Molecular Electronic Devices
 C020808 Molecular Optical Devices
 C020809 Molecular Nano-Technology
 C020810 Bioelectronics
 C020811 Measurement and Application of Electrochemistry


Electronic Components
 C020901 Active Devices
 C020902 Passive Devices
 C020903 Circuit Boards
 C020904 Recording Devices
 C020905 Display Components
 C020906 Hybrid Integrated Circuit Devices
 C020907 Electrochemical Materials, Batteries
 C020908 Applied Sensor Devices
 C020909 Semiconductor Packaging Technology
 C020910 High Density Packaging Technology
 C020911 Packaging Technology for High Speed and High Frequency Devices
 C020912 Design Technology for Electronic Components
 C020913 Evaluation and Analytical Technology for Electronic Components
 C020914 Evaluation Technology of Reliability


Electromechanical Devices and Components
 C021001 Electrical Contact, Arc Discharge Phenomena, Tribology
 C021002 Connection Technology, Interconnection
 C021003 Plating Technology
 C021004 Molding Technology
 C021005 Metal Machining Technology
 C021006 Microelectromechanical Systems
 C021007 Relays, Switches
 C021008 Electrical and Optical Connectors
 C021009 Device Mounting, Packaging Technologies including Board and Substrate
 C021010 Optoelectronics Packaging Technology
 C021011 Human Interface Devices
 C021012 Electromechanical Transducers, Sensors
 C021013 Actuators, Compact Motors
 C021014 Arrester, Fuse


Semiconductor Materials and Devices
 C021101 Semiconductor Crystals/ Amorphous Materials
 C021102 Characterization of Semiconductor physics
 C021103 Surfaces/ Interfaces
 C021104 Semiconductor Crystal Growth
 C021105 Power Devices
 C021106 Thin Film Transistor
 C021107 Compound Semiconductor Devices
 C021108 Imaging Devices/ CCD\'s
 C021109 Solar Cells
 C021110 New Functional/ New Concept/ Quantum Effect Devices
 C021111 Diodes and Transistors
 C021112 Process Technology/ Fine Patterning
 C021113 Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology
 C021114 Testing and Reliability
 C021115 Simulation/ Modeling


Integrated Electronics
 C021201 High-Performance Devices and Circuits
 C021202 General-Purpose Memories
 C021203 Application-Specific memories (Video, Telecommunications etc.)
 C021204 Microprocessors and Controllers
 C021205 Digital Signal Processors
 C021206 Custom LSIs
 C021207 Analog LSIs
 C021208 Integrated Sensors
 C021209 Mixed-Signal LSIs
 C021210 Multimedia LSIs
 C021211 Neural Network LSIs
 C021212 New Concept LSIs
 C021213 Clock Technology(PLL, DLL etc.)
 C021214 LSI Packaging Technology
 C021215 Testability Technology
 C021216 LSI Fault-Tolerant Technology
 C021217 System-on-Chip Design Verification Technolgy
 C021218 VLSI Computing (Massively Parallel Architecture, Distributed Processing Architecture etc.)
 C021219 Merged Memory/Logic Technology
 C021220 LSI Reliability Technology
 C021221 LSI for Wireless Communication (RF LSI)
 C021222 LSI for Wired Communication


Electron Tubes, Vacuum and Beam Technology
 C021301 Materials for Vacuum Tubes
 C021302 Electron Tubes
 C021303 Image Tubes
 C021304 Vacuum Apparatus
 C021305 Electron Beam
 C021306 Ion Beam
 C021307 Plasma Applications
 C021308 X-Ray Applications


Electronic Displays
 C021401 Cathode Ray Tube/ Vacuum Fluorescent Display
 C021402 Plasma Display
 C021403 Organic Electro Luminescence Display
 C021404 Inorganic Electro Luminescence Display
 C021405 Liquid Crystal Display
 C021406 Field Emission Display
 C021407 Ultra Large Area Display (Projection/ Light Emitting Diode Array,etc.)
 C021408 Electronic Paper/ Paper-like Display
 C021409 3D Display
 C021410 Thin Film Transistor
 C021411 Liquid Crystal Materials
 C021412 Phosphors
 C021413 Display Device/ System
 C021414 Peripheral Techniques of Displays (Back Light, Filter, etc.)
 C021415 Display Manufacturing Technologies (Processes/ Materials/ Test, etc.)
 C021416 Measurement and Evaluation of Display Characteristics
 C021417 Human Engineering/ Ergonomics for Displays
 C021418 Display Electronics
 C021419 Addressing Technologies and Signal Processing for Displays


Superconducting Electronics
 C021501 Superconducting Phenomena
 C021502 Superconducting Materials
 C021503 Thin Films/ Josephson Junctions
 C021504 Superconducting Devices
 C021505 Cryogenic Engineering
 C021506 Superconducting Digital Applications
 C021507 Superconducting Analog Applications


Storage Technology
 C021601 Magnetic Recording
 C021602 Optical Recording
 C021603 Read Write Process
 C021604 Recording Materials and Devices(Head, Media etc.)
 C021605 Signal Processing
 C021606 Mechanism, Servo System


Electronic Instrumentation and Control
 C021701 Sensors/ Transducers
 C021702 Measuring/ Analyzing Equipment
 C021703 Instrumentation/ Control Technology
 C021704 Computer Applications
 C021705 Automation of Instrumentation
 C021706 Remote Sensing
 C021707 Educational Equipment
 C021708 Human Engineering