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XB Communications Express


Fundamental Theories for Communications
 B040101 Information Theory
 B040102 Coding Theory
 B040103 Error-Control System
 B040104 Cryptography Theory
 B040105 Information Security
 B040106 Network Security
 B040107 Teletraffic Theory
 B040108 Queueing Theory
 B040109 Network Theory
 B040110 Quantum Information Theory
 B040111 Digital Signal Processing
 B040112 Network Coding
 B040113 Game Theory


Energy in Electronics Communications
 B040201 Energy Conservation Techniques
 B040202 Clean Energy
 B040203 Power Supply Systems
 B040204 Monitoring and Management for Power Supply Systems
 B040205 Power Supply Circuits and Power Control
 B040206 DC-DC Converters
 B040207 AC-DC Converters, Rectifiers
 B040208 Inverter, UPS
 B040209 Contactless Power Supply
 B040210 Battery
 B040211 Fuel Cells
 B040212 Power Factor Correction
 B040213 EMC, Electromagnetic Noise
 B040214 Circuit Component and Material


Transmission Systems and Transmission Equipment for Communications
 B040301 Line Code
 B040302 Modulation/Demodulation Scheme
 B040303 Multiplexing Scheme
 B040304 Synchronization Scheme
 B040305 Transmission Equipment and Circuit
 B040306 Telecommunication Cable and Wiring System
 B040307 Metallic Access Systems
 B040308 Line Monitoring and Control


Optical Fiber for Communications
 B040401 Optical Fiber Design/Manufacturing/Performance Evaluation
 B040402 Photonic Crystal Fiber/Holey Fiber
 B040403 Low Bending Loss and High-density Packaging Optical Fiber
 B040404 Specialty Optical Fiber
 B040405 Fiber-Optic Devices
 B040406 Splicing and Connector
 B040407 Optical Fiber Evaluation and Management


Fiber-Optic Transmission for Communications
 B040501 Optical Functional Component
 B040502 Optical Amplification
 B040503 Optical Line Coding
 B040504 Dispersion Compensation
 B040505 Optical Multiplexing
 B040506 Optical Access Systems
 B040507 Optical Signal Processing
 B040508 Digital Signal Processing for Optical Communications
 B040509 Optical Quantum Transmissions
 B040510 Photonic Network Systems and Architectures
 B040511 Photonic Network Control
 B040512 Optical Interconnection and Optical Interface
 B040513 Optical Switch Systems


Network System
 B040601 System Architecture
 B040602 System Software
 B040603 System Hardware
 B040604 Call Control
 B040605 Distributed Processing Platform
 B040606 Switching Scheme
 B040607 MPLS, GMPLS
 B040608 Router


 B040701 Network Architecture
 B040702 Network Control
 B040703 Communication Protocol
 B040704 Mobile Communication Protocol
 B040705 Communication Quality and QoS
 B040706 Cross-layer Control
 B040707 Network Virtualization
 B040708 NFV
 B040709 Communication Service
 B040710 Multicast
 B040711 P2P
 B040712 NGN
 B040713 Overlay Network
 B040714 Content Delivery Network
 B040715 Information Centric Networking
 B040716 Ubiquitous Network
 B040717 Ad Hoc Network
 B040718 Sensor Network
 B040719 Environmental Awareness Network
 B040720 SDN
 B040721 Mobile Computing
 B040722 Grid Computing
 B040723 Cloud Computing
 B040724 Edge Computing
 B040725 Data Center Network
 B040726 Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networks


 B040801 Internet Protocol
 B040802 Internet QoS
 B040803 Internet Security
 B040804 Internet Routing
 B040805 Internet Services
 B040806 IP Telephony
 B040807 WWW
 B040808 Internet Broadcasting
 B040809 E-mail
 B040810 DNS
 B040811 IoT


Network Management/Operation
 B040901 Management/Operation Architecture
 B040902 Service Management/Business Management
 B040903 Distributed System Management/Operation
 B040904 Management Protocol/Model/Process
 B040905 Fault, Configuration, Performance, and Accounting Management
 B040906 Security Control and its Tools
 B040907 Security Policy
 B040908 Operation Interface
 B040909 Management/Configuration Automation and Automated Management
 B040910 Provisioning
 B040911 Traffic Engineering
 B040912 Monitoring


Antennas and Propagation
 B041001 Radio Propagation
 B041002 Indoor Propagation
 B041003 Mobile Propagation
 B041004 MIMO Propagation
 B041005 Wireless Power Transmission
 B041006 Electromagnetic Analysis
 B041007 Antennas
 B041008 Small Antennas
 B041009 Antennas for Mobile Communication
 B041010 Antennas for Body Area Communication
 B041011 Planar Antennas
 B041012 Wideband/Multiband Antennas
 B041013 Metamaterial/EBG Antennas
 B041014 Aperture Antennas
 B041015 Array Antennas
 B041016 Integration and Connecting Technology for Antennas
 B041017 Antenna System
 B041018 Adaptive Array Antennas/MIMO
 B041019 DOA (Direction-of-Arrival) Estimation
 B041020 Antenna Measurements


Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
 B041101 Interfering Electromagnetic Wave and Electromagnetic Wave Interference
 B041102 Electromagnetic Noise and its Propagation Mechanism
 B041103 EMC on System
 B041104 ESD, Discharge, and Immunity
 B041105 EMC Modeling
 B041106 EMC Countermeasure
 B041107 Parts and Material for EMC Design
 B041108 Absorption and Shielding of Radio Waves
 B041109 Measurement on EMC
 B041110 Biological Effect of Electromagnetic Field and its Measurement
 B041111 Application of Electromagnetic Wave
 B041112 Electromagnetic Monitoring
 B041113 Electromagnetic Information Security


Wireless Communication Technologies
 B041201 Wireless Modulation/Demodulation
 B041202 Spread Spectrum Communication, UWB
 B041203 Multiple Access Scheme
 B041204 Wireless Access Protocol
 B041205 Multi-Carrier Transmission, OFDM
 B041206 Diversity
 B041207 Multipath Fading Immunity
 B041208 Adaptive Equalization, Interference Cancellation
 B041209 Wireless Signal Processing
 B041210 Radio Resource Allocation and Scheduling
 B041211 Software Defined Radio
 B041212 MIMO, Space-Time Signal Processing
 B041213 Adaptive and Smart Antennas
 B041214 Radio on Fiber/Radio over Fiber
 B041215 Spectrum-efficient Technologies
 B041216 Power-efficient Technologies
 B041217 Optical Wireless Communication
 B041218 Visible Light Communications
 B041219 Wireless Circuit Control
 B041220 Channel Estimation
 B041221 Synchronization
 B041222 Relay and Cooperative Communication
 B041223 Space-Time Coding
 B041224 Physical Layer Security
 B041225 Power Line Communications


Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
 B041301 Mobile Communications
 B041302 Fixed Radio Communications
 B041303 Wireless LAN
 B041304 Wireless Access System
 B041305 Ad Hoc Communication
 B041306 Wireless Ubiquitous Network
 B041307 ITS (Intelligent Transport System)
 B041308 Multi-hop/Multi-cell Wireless Network
 B041309 Cognitive Radio Communication
 B041310 Broadcasting Systems


Satellite Communications
 B041401 Satellite Broadcasting
 B041402 Satellite-Ground Integrated Communications System
 B041403 Satellite Sensor Network
 B041404 Satellite Application System
 B041405 Satellite Control and Management Technologies
 B041406 Satellite Communication Technologies
 B041407 Satellite/Earth Station Hardware


 B041501 Electronic/Radio/Optical Measurement
 B041502 Remote Sensing
 B041503 Fiber-Optic Sensing
 B041504 Radar and Signal Processing
 B041505 SAR, ISAR
 B041506 Pulse Compression
 B041507 Polarimetry
 B041508 Positioning and Ranging
 B041509 Moving Target Detection
 B041510 Subsurface Sensing
 B041511 Space Exploration
 B041512 Target Tracking/Estimation
 B041513 UWB Sensor
 B041514 Measurement and Exploration System
 B041515 Frequency Standard


Navigation, Guidance and Control Systems
 B041601 Electronic Navigation
 B041602 Satellite Navigation
 B041603 Fling Object Inducement
 B041604 State Estimation
 B041605 Movement Model
 B041606 Automatic Control
 B041607 On-Board Device
 B041608 Tracking Filter
 B041609 Transportation Control and Management


Space Utilization Systems for Communications
 B041701 Spacecraft
 B041702 Sensing/Positioning/Explore Satellite
 B041703 Small Satellite System
 B041704 Communication/Quasi-zenith Satellite System
 B041705 Energy Transmission System
 B041706 Meteor Burst Communication System
 B041707 Inter-Satellite Communication and Satellite Network


Multimedia Systems for Communications
 B041801 Image Processing/Image Coding
 B041802 Voice Processing/Voice Coding
 B041803 Media Synchronization
 B041804 Communication Quality
 B041805 Authentication/Authorization/Access Control
 B041806 Service Integration
 B041807 Web Service
 B041808 SOA, SaaS, PaaS
 B041809 Mobile Multimedia
 B041810 Home Network, Home Information Appliances
 B041811 On-Demand System
 B041812 Network Community
 B041813 SNS